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About Us

The Centre for Communities Education and Youth Development (CCEYD) is a community based non-governmental organization established in the year 2001 in the Northern Region of Ghana. CCEYD is formed to remedy the situation of ignorance which results into ill-health, unemployment, streetism and poverty among the children, youth, women, and girl-child in particular.  The capacity of the youth will be built to better understand their environment and take action to develop their conditions.

Mission & Vision

Our Mission

To create awareness in the people of the project area to understand their environment and potentials and make use of the skills acquired to improve upon the quality of life.

Vision of CCEYD

To spearhead the facilitation of the socio-economic development of rural communities in northern Ghana through dynamic, innovative, practical and inclusive development programs.

Program Product

CCEYD has establish children clubs in some schools in the three districts and has started with animation and building of the capacities of the community members to undertake self-help projects. The centre use Community conversation, Stepping Stone Methodology, Way To Happiness and participatory teaching techniques to change the conventional attitude, traditions and belief that prevent children and women from active participation in decisions of their own progress and community development as a whole. CCEYD is developing the ability and confidence of the rural youth and women to participate effectively in making decisions that affects their lives and their communities. The capacities of the rural women and youth when built would help them realized that together with their male counterparts they are capable of identifying their real problems and finding viable solution to them.

Our Core Values


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